Eco-friendly cosmetics bottles

Eurovetrocap offers Customizable Eco-friendly Packaging Solutions for Cosmetics.

This means the capacity of some products to be recycled. PE,PP, PET, PVC bottles are recycled, but they must be separated from accessories if those are made of different materials (e.g. pumps or metal caps).
Warning: even if something is made of recycled material, it does not mean that we can turn it back to the original product, but recycled material is often used to make different products such as water supply pipes by Polypropylene (PP), ore pile fabric by PET.
Glass is one of the easiest materials to recycle: it can be used to produce wine bottles and sometimes bottles and jars for creams.

ECO-FRIENDLY BOTTLES WHICH ARE MANUFACTURED USING RECYCLED MATERIAL are made from regenerated raw material, coming from urban plastic waste.
The plastic waste chain currently supplies material to produce regenerated PE and PET, but not PP accessories.
Advantages: no oil extraction.
Disadvantages: original material is grey colored and not natural, which means the final colour results can change from the original target. Perfume is not neutral.

Multiple standard accessories, suitable for each bottle or jar, with the possibility to choose customized colours from 5000 pcs/references, give us the possibility to create an incredible number of combinations of unique products.
Our modern production plant offers many decoration alternatives including:

• pad printing
• traditional and UV silkscreen printing
• lacquering
• hotfoil stamping
• metallization
• metal embossing/debossing
• 3D sublimation

The cosmetic packaging with a low environmental impact.