Eco-friendly Sustainable Cosmetics Packaging Glass Bottles

In response to the growing demand of a market which is more and more sensitive to sustainability issues, Eurovetrocap is proud to present the first range of cosmetic packaging in 90% recycled glass, 60% of which is post-consumer.
A complete range composed by 15, 30, 50, 100ml transparent bottles and a 50ml jar, all stock items also available for small purchases of one carton per item.

To complete the line we developed various accessories in recycled PP:

  • Laura 18/415 dispenser pump, with more than 70%* recycled PP
  • Minerbio dropper, with more than 30%* recycled PP
  • Licata jar lid and Laurence 18/415 cap, with more than 90%* recycled PP

* % is calculated by the ratio between the recycled plastic weight PIR (post-industrial recycled) and the total weight

Our top range Laura becomes green, offering to all who always loved it the possibility of moving towards an eco-friendly packaging, according to the sustainability, low environmental impact, giving a huge benefit in terms of the promotion of the circular economy and the reduction of Co2 emissions during the production process**
An environmentally friendly packaging helps to improve the product perception.

**We will present a detailed LCA analysis during the next Cosmoprof in Bologna